Who We Are

Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Coastside Child Development Center has been serving families on the coastside since 1978. CCDC was created to provide comprehensive child care, education, and early intervention services within the framework of quality developmental standards. Today our mission is to promote healthy development in every child that we serve. We do this through education and support for children and the adults who care for them. We believe that all children are entitled to an environment in which they can develop to their maximum potential and we are committed to giving all families access to our services regardless of background or income.

Guiding Principle

At Coastside Child Development Center we understand that the first five years last a lifetime. Scientific research shows that during this time period the underlying physical architecture of a child’s brain is established. From the first day of life to the first day in kindergarten, a child grows at a phenomenal pace that is unequaled at any other time of life.

During the first five years, while a child’s brain is being wired for a lifetime, Coastside Child Development Center’s work revolves around all of a child’s developmental needs. In addition, all of our programs include a focus on social and emotional development because the most important predictor of school and life success is social-emotional intelligence. Watch a video illustrating Why Early Learning Matters.


Karen Corzine, MFT, LPCC
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Executive Director

Karen has been a director at CCDC since 2000. Karen’s educational background includes a B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University, as well as a B.A. in Human Development with a concentration in Child Development from California State University, Long Beach. Karen also earned a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Golden Gate University. She has 24 years of experience in child care and the education of children ages 0 to 6. Karen also has over 17 years of experience working in the mental health field, addressing the issues of child abuse, trauma, domestic violence, families, and infant & child mental health.

Coastside Child Development Center’s Teaching Staff

Coastside Child Development Center’s teaching staff are high quality, caring and professional teachers who are dedicated to the care and education of children. Our teachers range from aides to teachers who have completed a bachelor’s degree. All teachers are required to complete Early Childhood Education & Child Development college level courses and all lead teachers have a California Department of Education teacher’s credential. Coastside Child Development Center does in-house training that includes all areas of child development, behavioral management and support, kindergarten readiness standards, and CPR certification.

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